Thee 6 Chix Identity

thee 6 chix video still

Thee 6 Chix Podcast – video screenshot

thee 6 chix podcast logo
thee 6 chix icon graphics

Top: Official Podcast logo
Bottom Left: Official Profile Icon
Bottom Right: Additional icon graphics in supportive colors

Thee 6 Chix is a podcast is a business venture between myself and 5 close friends. I designed the logo and all related branding graphics.

In summary: Thee 6 Chix podcast is a space for ALL women to listen and learn from women who represent them. Our mission is to display authentic, healthy, empowering relationships, by discussing all aspects of life through the lens of each individual’s personal experiences, real-world situations, and faith, using various media platforms. Our goal is to be our authentic selves out loud and show other women that being real is the only way to be.

thee 6 chix mood board excerpt and media button

Left: Media button // Right: Excerpt from conceptual mood boards

thee 6 chix website screenshots

Website Screenshots. Designed and developed on Wix platform. See full site design at

thee 6 chix fb and ig screenshots

Profile graphics for Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

thee 6 chix flyer
thee 6 chix social media graphics

Selection of instagram promo graphics and templates. View more templates in use @thee6chix on instagram.

Also view how graphics are applied @thee6chix on Twitter and LinkedIn as well as Thee 6 Chix Podcast on major podcast platforms such as Spotify.